The industry’s only cross-platform mobile wallet solution

The non-payment side of the mobile wallet is a true game changer for marketers. Apple’s Passbook and the new Google Wallet app provide you with the platform you need to drive in-store traffic and increase average order value. But how do you leverage these new platforms and how do you get started?

The answer: Wallet Manager from Vibes. Wallet Manager is the industry’s only cross-platform mobile wallet solution that enables marketers to create, distribute and manage mobile wallet campaigns for both Google Wallet and Apple’s Passbook.

Apple Passbook

Apple paved the way for marketers to deliver and dynamically interact with consumers with the launch of Passbook in September 2012. Passbook is pre-installed on all iPhones with iOS 6 and iOS 7, giving smartphone users one-click access to add Passes. New with iOS 7 is a built-in QR Code scanner that allows offline content like direct mail and in-store signage to be added onto the phone with one simple step. Marketers can also leverage Passbook’s built-in, location-aware functionality to create time and location sensitive offers that drive consumers in-store.

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Google Wallet

In September 2013, Google launched a new Google Wallet app for all Android phones. This new mobile wallet solution allows consumers to save Objects to Google Wallet, such as loyalty cards, offers, tickets, boarding passes and more. Through a cloud-based distribution model, digital content can be saved to Google Wallet from anywhere and then appear on a consumer’s phone instantly for redemption. Marketers now have access to millions of consumers using Android-enabled devices who are ready to start adding mobile offers and loyalty cards to their new App.

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Wallet Manager’s powerful marketing tools

Marketing on a mobile device is about personalization, it’s about dynamic content and it’s about getting customers the information they need. Wallet Manager makes it easy to set up mobile wallet campaigns in minutes, without needing to involve your IT department. We have already integrated Passbook and Google Wallet Object APIs into our platform so you don’t need to worry about the technical details. All you and your marketing team needs to do is log into Wallet Manager and start setting up and running your mobile wallet campaigns.


Use Wallet Manager’s easy-to-use tools and streamlined user interface to create your mobile wallet content in minutes. It’s as simple as selecting the right template for your campaign and then using our editing tools to choose colors, upload your images and branding, type in text fields and more. No coding, no confusion and your mobile wallet offerings are instantly brought to life.


Wallet Manager leverages Catapult SmartLink device-detection technology, which enables you to send out your mobile wallet offerings across any platform or channel with one simple link. Catapult SmartLink device detection automatically delivers Passes to iPhones, Google Wallet Objects to Android phones and mobile Web content to other devices. This one link can be activated using a combination of both offline and digital touch points, including SMS, email, Push, online, direct mail and in-store.


Once your customers have saved your mobile wallet offerings to their mobile phones, you can use Wallet Manager to dynamically update installed offers and loyalty programs. Tap into the push-like communication functionality of mobile wallets to send your customers reminders, to retarget those who haven’t redeemed their loyalty certificates and to change or update offers to reflect product availability – the possibilities are endless.


Optimizing your mobile wallet programs is all about leveraging data and analytics to fuel success. Segment and re-engage your customers based on past behaviors and mobile preferences. Improve your redemption numbers by changing offers while they are still in market. Wallet Manager provides you with direct visibility into closed-loop performance that enables you to maximize the success of your mobile wallet marketing programs.


Use Wallet Manager’s intuitive dashboard to gain valuable insights into your mobile wallet campaigns. Measure click-through rates, gain visibility into saved and deleted content, and more. Use this valuable data to prove ROI. You can also integrate your own in-store, POS sales and redemption data with Catapult to close the loop on your mobile wallet programs. Our suite of APIs and dedicated integration team make the data integration process seamless and easy.

Mobile wallet marketing results

Last September, Vibes was first to market with a mobile wallet marketing solution and has run more than 25 campaigns with Apple’s Passbook for a multitude of leading national retailers. The metrics collected from these early mobile wallet campaigns demonstrate that the non-payment side of the mobile wallet is an effective tool for driving in-store foot traffic, increasing average order value and building loyalty. Results include:

For more information on Passbook results, download our white paper “Next-level mobile engagement with Passbook”
Industry thought leadership

Vibes has been at the forefront in helping marketers understand and capitalize on this game-changing opportunity since the introduction of Passbook in September 2012. To learn more about Vibes’ industry-leading mobile wallet management programs, check out our thought leadership and client success stories:

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Case Studies
  • • Press Release: Build-A–Bear Workshop achieves 58.7% Passbook download rate via recent mobile campaign (March 11, 2013)
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