Unlike any other communication channel, mobile delivers a uniquely personal and relevant experience that's transforming the way brands are thinking about marketing.

But it's important to remember that mobile does not exist in a silo. One of the most effective ways to deploy mobile is to layer it over your existing marketing strategies and identify opportunities where you can integrate smart mobile touch points that extend the value of your traditional campaigns. That's where Vibes comes in. We can help activate all of your traditional assets by adding mobile, so that you get more mileage out of every dollar you spend.

Our approach to mobile marketing is called Mobile Relationship Management, or MRM. This journey starts at Awareness, and continues through Engagement, Transaction and then Loyalty, and is designed to create immediate and long-lasting customer relationships by infusing mobile-appropriate experiences both online and offline. The result: an effective multi-channel marketing experience where mobile is the glue that drives deeper engagement, sales and loyalty for your brand.


One of the most effective ways to deploy mobile is to layer it over your existing marketing strategies and identify opportunities where you can integrate smart mobile touch points that extend the value of your traditional campaigns. That's where Vibes comes in — we can help activate all of your traditional assets by adding mobile, so that you get more mileage out of every dollar you spend.

Traditional advertising tends to be a one-sided conversation, but when you activate an ad with mobile marketing, you know consumers are listening because you can engage them with meaningful and ongoing dialogue. Every mobile-activated ad gives consumers the opportunity to interact with your brand, and gives you the ability to build your mobile database and extend the conversation long after the ad has run.

You also get valuable data and feedback from every interaction to further engage consumers with relevant content and to guide future campaigns.

Here are some ways you can turn a traditional ad into an ongoing conversation with consumers:

 Add a Mobile Call to Action

Build your mobile database with a prominent call to action. This can be as simple as, Text SAVINGS to 12345 to receive our latest offers.

 Incentives and Offers

Use compelling offers and special event promotions to drive foot traffic to your store, increase sales, and build a loyal consumer base.


Similar to a sweepstakes, engage consumers with a Text-2-Win campaign to quickly build your mobile database and open a new communication channel.


A corporate sponsorship is a big investment. But when you add an interactive mobile campaign to an event that investment goes a whole lot further.

A mobile call to action can be placed anywhere at an event-such as on a screen or next to an exhibit booth to instantly create real-time engagement with your brand and build your mobile database. From polling attendees, to promoting a contest entry or encouraging an app download, mobile users can be engaged at a point when they are looking to connect. In addition, mobile wallet marketing with Passbook and Google Wallet solutions is an effective way to engage fans prior to the event. You can leverage these installed Passes to send notifications before, during and even after an event to drive engagement and transactions.

Once users have connected with your brand through their mobile devices, continue the conversation far beyond the event with a responsive group of consumers who have actively sought further interaction with your brand.

Here are a few ways you can connect with consumers through mobile event activation:

 Live Vote

Pose a question to your audience and share real-time results. This fun, interactive experience expands beyond your viewing audience when you offer voting through text message, online/mobile web-form and via Twitter.


Give your audience a topic and let them submit text messages or photos (through a moderator) to a screen for all to see. Display messages full screen or at the bottom as a scrolling bar.


When sponsoring or hosting a broadcast event, you can leverage our Text-2-Screen functionality to interact with your TV audience in real-time, and respond to comments.


Display real-time Tweets on a screen while they are simultaneously posted to Twitter. This campaign promotes your brand and products to a whole new audience that isn't participating but views the Tweet.


Quiz an audience on fun topics about your brand and products. Pose a multiple-choice question, and your audience submits their guesses via text.

 Memory Game

Have some fun with your audience with a digital memory game. Customize the type of images you display, flash them to the audience then test their memory skills by texting in the location of a specific hidden image.

 Shuffle Game

The classic shell game revamped for the screen. Audiences follow an animated, on-screen graphic (a new product, your brand's logo, etc.) then text their guesses as to where the hidden object lies.

 Pick the Winner

Think of a race – where you have multiple people cheering on their favorite character in which a winner can be pre-determined or picked through a live vote. This interactive game will keep your fans on their feet!


When a mobile coupon or incentive is delivered to a consumer, its always available, convenient, and ready to use. Recent innovations with mobile wallet marketing — like Passbook and Google Wallet — present marketers with new opportunities to distribute and manage location-aware mobile coupons and offers to improve redemption rates by more than 50 percent when compared to mobile web.

Mobile coupon distribution can be scheduled for certain times of the day to coincide with special promotions, or to encourage impulse purchases. Location-based offers can be sent when consumers are within a certain radius of your store. If you need to clear shelf space before a new shipment arrives, send a time-sensitive mobile coupon for immediate use.

Mobile wallet solutions like Passbook and Google Wallet also can leverage location-aware functionality to allow your brand to deliver offers that are both timely and relevant to a consumer’s proximity to a physical retail store. This serves as a reminder of his/her offers, creating urgency and making it more likely that they will stop in-store to redeem your brand’s offers.

Coupons and incentives can also be delivered to segmented audiences based on purchase behaviors and preferences, activated to encourage repeat purchases and shared via social networks to extend your reach. When mobile coupons and incentives are offered, you get increased sales, new mobile subscribers, more in-store traffic and higher spend per visit.

Here are a few ways you can provide value to consumers with mobile coupons and incentives:

 Mobile Wallet Offer

Distribute an offer that is personalized with both content and type of offer and takes advantage of time and location to improve redemption rates. Distribute both Passbook Passes and Google Wallet offers with both generic and unique codes through any distribution channel.

 Generic Mobile Offer

Create viral and social media buzz with an offer that consumers can share with their friends. Send either a text-only or mobile web barcode/QR code offer to your mobile database. Integrate social media icons into your message to encourage sharing via Facebook and Twitter.

 Text-only Unique Code

Send an offer to have an immediate impact on sales, move old inventory or preview an upcoming special event. Upload a list of unique codes and either send them out to an existing mobile database or promote with in-store signage and advertising activation.


 Mobile Web with Barcode

Enhance your mobile offer with a text message link to a mobile web page that can be customized to your brands' colors and images, and features a dynamic unique barcode that is readable by commonly used POS systems.

 Mobile Web with QR Code

Similar to the barcode mobile offer, you can deliver the same customized experience of mobile web and include a unique QR code for your consumers to present at time of purchase for redemption.

 Location-based Offers

Notify consumers when they are in close proximity to your business. Send any of the above offers when your consumer enters a defined geo-fence to drive them into your store.


Mobile marketing doesn't stop when consumers enter your store — they are actively searching for product information, sharing information or photos with friends and seeking ways to interact with your brand.

Not only can you build your mobile database with in-store engagements, mobile can act as an extra sales associate, deepening the customer relationship. You also get a first-hand view of what's driving mobile interactions. Then optimize the experience, and tie these insights to more outbound marketing initiatives.

In-store mobile engagement elevates the customer experience by bringing value and entertainment to the store visit, encouraging repeat visits and building brand loyalty.

Here are a few ways you can connect with consumers while they are in your store:

 Engagement with In-store Calls to Action

Share the latest trends and product information with your consumers when they are walking through your store. When a consumer texts-in, you can send link them to a mobile web page, a video and even another section of your store to drive engagement.

 Enrollment in Loyalty Programs

Enroll consumers into your loyalty program via mobile when they are in your store, either by scanning a QR code or texting in and completing the process through mobile web.

 POS Mobile Offer

If you're trying to increase opt-ins, adding signage at checkout with a mobile call to action is a great way to rapidly build a mobile database. In exchange for the opt-in, reward your consumer with an in-store offer based on consumer spend (e.g., 10% off when you spend $100).


 Employee Interaction

Use lanyards and buttons with mobile calls to action to drive interaction with your sales associates. This is a great way to approach casual shoppers and start a conversation, by giving them the opportunity to scan a QR code or text-in to join your mobile database.

 Location-based Incentives

Push an offer to a consumer when they are in the vicinity of your location (and even in the store) to educate them on a new product, move specific inventory or incentivize them to spend more with a coupon or free gift with purchase.

 Customer Satisfaction Survey

Every retailer has a satisfaction survey on the bottom of their receipt — why not increase your response rate by delivering that survey to your consumers through their mobile phone?


 In-Store Voting

Give consumers the chance to vote and interact while in-store. To increase participation, promote a compelling offer or incentive to make an immediate purchase. Consumers can text in their vote or vote via Twitter to increase brand awareness of contest.

 In-Store Promotions and Games

Similar to a sweepstakes, quickly build a mobile database and engage with consumers by encouraging interaction to win, such as a Text-2-Win. Promote games and sweepstakes digitally and give consumers an incentive to participate while in-store.


Mobile marketing offers an unprecedented opportunity to segment consumers based on real interactions, instead of educated guesses.

When a group of consumers engages at a high rate on one initiative but a much lower rate on another, you can immediately see that data in Catapult, our Mobile Relationship Management platform. Then, you can tailor your campaign to make sure the audience you are targeting is getting the message most relevant to them. What you learn is not limited to mobile marketing — this data can be integrated with your CRM systems to add another layer of detail to inform other marketing initiatives, and even product development.

Consumers are increasingly seeking out content that is personalized and contextually relevant to them, and you can deliver this one-to-one marketing experience by segmenting your list within Catapult and importing segments from your CRM system.

When you deliver personalized and targeted content to your customers, you'll ensure the highest chance of engagement, transaction and loyalty, and a far more valuable brand experience.

Here are some ways you can learn about consumers' preferences through mobile marketing:


Give consumers what they want. Let them select what information is most relevant for them to receive updates/offers about through interactive mobile messaging.

 Time & Location

Message your customers with time-sensitive offers when they are near your store. Leverage the times and places where they are most active.


Let consumers inform you through their actions. What type of content triggered engagement? What keywords did they respond to? What offers have they redeemed? What items have they purchased?


 Import Your Segments

Message customer segments by their preference. Overlay your segmentation scheme on your mobile database to extend your messaging across marketing channels.


Mobile keeps your most valuable customers connected to your brand whenever, wherever and however they want. Include mobile as an extension of your existing loyalty program, rewarding customers with exclusive announcements and repeat purchase incentives.

Leverage mobile to deliver mobile wallet loyalty cards and certificates that are personalized and reflect their current status and reward balance. Once these mobile loyalty cards are installed, you can send them exclusive messaging to encourage reward redemption, increase visit frequency and improve overall customer lifetime value.

You can also enroll new members with mobile calls-to-action on your website, in-store and through your App. Your mobile database and loyalty program will continue to grow allowing you to interact with your dedicated customers through exclusive offers, events and program updates.

Empower your biggest brand advocates with mobile.

Here are some tactics to grow and extend your loyalty programs with mobile:

 Drive New Member Sign-up

Encourage loyalty participation through mobile by promoting an in-store call to action that drives consumers to a mobile web form to enroll. Send a promotional email to your database with one-click access to join your program and collect their mobile number at the same time.

 Special Events

Engage your loyalty club members by sending special event and product launch announcements. Provide them with special information that will encourage participation and drive them back into your store.

 Exclusive VIP Alerts & Offers

Reward your loyalty club members with exclusive alerts and offers to drive in-store traffic and consumer spend.

 Weekly & Monthly Club Alerts

Augment your weekly and monthly email updates with a mobile version delivered via text to improve open rates and encourage engagement.

 Service Alerts

Keep your consumers updated on their current point balance, special promotions for club members and more. How many points do they need before receiving their next VIP exclusive offer? Make sure they know!