Our Catapult™ Mobile Pages module arms you with the tools to create hosted, mobile web pages that deliver rich content to any mobile audience, giving your brand a turnkey solution for building HTML 5 mobile web pages in minutes. Simply decide what you'd like to offer and how you'd want it to look, and then use Catapult’s intuitive builder tools to execute the campaign.

Once you've built a page, send the URL out to your subscriber database via text message or embed the URL into a QR code and encourage users to scan it through a mobile call-to-action, delivering a highly engaging experience for your clients. The mobile pages you create are responsively designed for consistent display, regardless of mobile phone type.

Additionally, you can also create, manage and distribute Passbook Passes with our Pass Manager™ Module, that works seamlessly with Mobile Pages to deliver device-appropriate content. Maximizing reach when distributing Passes is critical for marketers, which is why Vibes developed a single SmartLink™ that can be distributed through any channel, including text, email, Web, mobile advertising and social networks. The Intuitive SmartLink technology sends Passes to iPhone users and mobile web content to users on other devices. With Pass Manager, retailers and brands can create Passes and a fallback mobile web landing page through a single interface by using the same content and then distributing a single URL.

Passbook’s location-aware functionality allows your brand to deliver offers that are both timely and relevant to a consumer’s proximity to a physical retail store. This serves as a reminder of his/her offers, creating urgency and making it more likely that they will stop in-store to redeem your brand’s offers.


Recorded Webinar: Bringing Passbook to Life - How to Drive Value for Your Customers

Listen to Vibes' Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Alex Campbell and Chief Technology Officer, John Haro as they dissect the opportunities Passbook creates for mobile consumers and retailers, and reveal key strategies for leveraging Passbook to create and distribute meaningful mobile experiences.

  Watch the Recorded Webinar